5th Ave Ct SW Neighborhood

This neighborhood was annexed into the City of Puyallup limits in January, 2009, along with other properties as part of the West Hills Annexation. It appears the neighborhood was platted and developed before being annexed into the City, therefore it was developed under Pierce County’s code. At the time of annexation, the properties in the neighborhood and properties adjacent to the north and west were designated with the Rural Buffer Residential (RBR) land use designation and Very Low Density Single-Family Residential (RS-35) zoning designation.

The RS-35 zoning designation is intended to be applied to larger lots, areas with or desired to have low density residential development, and the designation is used to buffer the edges of the community. The RS-35 zone has a required minimum lot size of 35,000 square feet. The majority of lots in the subject neighborhood are well under 35,000 square feet, making them nonconforming to the current zoning and likely nonconforming to the required property development standards. The RS-35 zone has extensive setbacks which can make it difficult for homeowners to build additions or make changes to their property.

As a result, staff is proposing the neighborhood’s land use designation change from Rural Buffer Residential (RBR) to Low Density Residential (LDR), as well as changing the zoning designation from Very Low Density Single-Family Residential (RS-35) to the Low Urban Density Single-Family Residential (RS-10) zoning designation. The RS-10 zone has a minimum lot size of 10,000 square feet, more appropriate setbacks for the existing development, and is consistent with the zoning of properties adjacent to your neighborhood to the south. The attached maps include visuals of the proposed zoning change and an aerial photo of the subdivision. To compare the property development standards for the two zoning designations, please see Puyallup Municipal Code section 20.20.020.

If you are an affected property owner and were unable to attend the July 20, 2017 Open House, please see the link to the display boards for additional information. Contact staff if you have any questions or would like to provide feedback on the proposed zoning change. If you would like to provide additional contact information to keep you informed throughout this process, please send your information to the staff contact.

Staff Contact: Kendall Wals, Associate Planner, (253) 841-5462.