Municipal Code Amendments

2016 Municipal Code Amendments

The Puyallup Planning Commission has been working on a round of code amendments to various sections of the Puyallup Municipal Code (PMC), titles 19 (subdivisions), 20 (zoning) and 21 (environment). The code amendment package includes 39 code amendments. The Planning Commission reviewed these amendments to the PMC over multiple work sessions held on September 23, October 28, and December 9, 2015; January 13, January 27, and February 10, 2016. The Planning Commission held a duly noticed public hearing on February 24, 2016; the Commission unanimously recommended (5-0) the City Council adopt the amendments as presented at the public hearing.

The package of code amendments, as presented at the public hearing and recommended by the Planning Commission for City Council consideration may be reviewed here:
The following is a list of amendment areas, with a short description of each amendment:
  • PMC 19.02 General Provisions; 19.04 Definitions; 19.07 Short Plat Subdivision - Clean up submittal requirements and terminology;
  • PMC 19.08 Major Plat Subdivision - Clarify plat expiration and extensions;
  • PMC 19.12 Design Principles, Standards and Specifications - Clarify design standards related to sidewalks, lot layout, and vegetation buffers;
  • PMC 20.10 Administrative Responsibilities - Additions to scope of hearing examiner;
  • PMC 20.11 Applications and Records; PMC 20.12 Public Hearings - Consolidation of noticing and public hearing timelines;
  • PMC 20.15 Definitions - Modify and add definitions for assisted living facility, dorm, multi‐family, commercial recreational use, height, street, floor area, and public meeting;
  • PMC 20.20 RS Zones - Clarify conditional use allowances, performance standards, including fences, RV storage, and accessory structures;
  • PMC 20.25 RM Zones - Add definition and minimum density for RM‐Core; modified base densities for RM‐10 and RM‐20 for Comp Plan consistency; overhaul density bonus system.
  • PMC 20.26 Design Review Standards - Cross‐reference other existing code sections related to setbacks, building entrance design, and vegetation management standards; establish additional allowances for design review adjustments.
  • PMC 20.28 OP Zones - Implement site development and building orientation standards;
  • PMC 20.30 C Zones - Clean up building height standards and setback references; modify height bonus system (note: no overall changes to maximum building height in stories proposed);
  • PMC 20.35 M Zones - Clarify business park standards and parking lot landscaping;
  • PMC 20.40 Planned Developments - Establish maximum floor area ratio; allow a voluntary public park improvement and dedication option for.
  • PMC 20.43 Med Zone - Implement site development and building orientation standards;
  • PMC 20.55 Parking - Clarify use of alleys;
  • PMC 20.58 Landscaping - Establish regulations addressing retaining walls;
  • PMC 20.60 Signs - Consolidation of residential sign types; overhaul of nonconforming signage section; reduction in intensity of signage types of limited commercial land uses; other minor clean ups throughout
  • PMC 20.65 Nonconforming Use - Clarify extensions of nonconforming use rights; clarify requirements when redevelopment is proposed;
  • PMC 20.70 Temporary Uses - Add MX zone districts;
  • PMC 20.75 Home Occupations - Establish prohibited business types; clarify allowances within detached structures;
  • PMC 20.80 Conditional Use Permits - 20.81 Administrative Conditional Uses; 20.85 Variance; 20.86 Adjustments; and 20.89 Preliminary Site Plans - Clarify and modify expiration and extension requirements, criteria to grant time extensions.
  • PMC 21.04 Environmental Policy -
    • Added inadvertent discovery language for archaeological resources at development sites (PMC 21.14)
    • Increase categorical exemption for fill/excavation (to 500 cubic yards) and off-street parking (to 40 off-street stalls)
    • Substantive authority policies/referenced documents