Bradley Park Planned Development Rezone


In 2017, the City started the process of removing the Planned Development (PD) zoning map designation and rezoning the subject neighborhoods to another comparable residential zone. Five such rezones are currently nearing completion. 

Planned developments establish a perpetual agreement with the city outlining specific development standards (e.g. max building height, building setbacks from property lines, etc.) within the boundaries of the planned development area. These development standards supersede the zoning of the parcels within the PD. Since many neighborhoods with this pre-existing PD zoning designation already have a planned development approved by the Hearing Examiner, the PD zoning designation is redundant and at times can be burdensome for parcels located outside of an approved planned development.

The Bradley Park planned development is zone PDC (planned community development); this is the final remaining neighborhood with this zoning designation. The Bradley Park planned development, excluding the property located at 702 23rd Ave SE (existing office use), was developed under an approved planned development. As a result, the subject properties are under consideration for a proposed rezone; this rezone will not impact the existing approved Bradley Park planned development. 


The subject area is proposed to be rezoned to various designations comparable to the existing uses on-site, and includes a combination of RM-20 (multi-family residential), RS-04 (single-family residential), PF (public facilities) and LMX (limited mixed use) zones; please see the map for more information on the proposed zoning change for specific parcels. 

This proposed rezone would provide a streamlined avenue for future development of those parcels outside the planned development. At this time, properties that are zoned PDC, but are outside the boundaries of the Bradley Park planned development, must propose their own planned development standards (such as setbacks from property lines or max building height) and have it approved by the Hearing Examiner at a public hearing. By rezoning these properties to another zone, this step will no longer be required. This change will make obtaining a building permit for construction (e.g. additions or new buildings) a more streamlined process for property owners.

Public Facilities (PF) Zone

One parcel is proposed to be rezoned to PF, which is a parcel owned by the City of Puyallup. As part of the planned development, the property was set aside as open space with a trail, due to the on-site protected wetland and open space requirements. After finalization of the planned development, the ownership of that parcel was transferred to the City of Puyallup. The Public Facilities designation recognizes that the property is owned by the City of Puyallup, but the property will remain as open space and there are no other plans for the subject site.

RS-04 and RM-20 Zones

The Bradley Park Apartments, Cottages, and Estates developments are all a part of the Bradley Park Planned Development, previously named the "Puyallup Downs" Planned Development. The Bradley Park Apartments are proposed to be rezoned to RM-20 (multi-family residential), and the Bradley Park Cottages and Estates developments are proposed to be rezoned to RS-04 (single-family residential). However, all parcels within the Bradley Park Planned Development will remain subject to the standards established by the approved planned development. Setbacks for the Bradley Park Apartments, Cottages & Estates are provided below. Please use the links on the right hand side of the page to reference the plat documents for specific lot numbers and tracts within the two plats (Cottages/Estates).

Bradley Park Apartments Standards (Puyallup Downs Division 1)

  • 25’ minimum setback from 23rd Ave SE
  • 20’ min. from 7th St SE
  • 15’ min. from back of walks (interior roads)
  • 18’ min. from alley right of way
  • 15’ min. between buildings

Bradley Park Cottages Standards (Puyallup Downs Division 2)

  • Rear yard:
    • 2’ to Tracts L, M, and N (private alley for rear access to Lots 1-50 & 70-82)
    • 15’ from rear of building to lot line for Lots 51-69 & 83-89
    • 7’ from porch to property line for Lots 51-69 & 83-89
  • Side yard: 6’ between buildings (2.5’ minimum)
  • Front yard:
    • 8’ from sidewalk to front porch
    • 20’ from sidewalk to garage face

Bradley Park Estates Standards (Puyallup Downs Division 3)

  • Rear yard:
    • 2’ to Tract D for Lots 31-57 (rear access lots)
    • 15’ for Lots 1-30
    • 10’ to Tract E for Lot 15
  • Side yard: 6’ between buildings (2.5’ minimum)
  • Front yard:
    • 10’ from sidewalk to front porch
    • 20’ from sidewalk to garage face

Limited Mixed Use (LMX) Zone

One property, located on the southeast corner of 7th Street SE and 23rd Ave SE (702 23rd Ave SE), is currently zoned PDC (planned community development) and  located outside of the Bradley Park Planned Development. The subject site contains an existing office use and is proposed to be rezoned to LMX as part of this proposed map changes for this area. The LMX zone is intended to emphasize mixed-use, multi-story residential and office development and accommodate smaller-scale stand-alone retail development. Information on the LMX zone (e.g. allowed uses, property development standards, etc.) can be referenced in Puyallup Municipal Code Chapter 20.31 - MX Mixed-Use Zones.  

  1. Kendall Wals

    Long Range Planning - Associate Planner