City of Puyallup
Planning Commission

City Council Chambers, 5th Floor

333 South Meridian, Puyallup

January 11, 2017

6:30 PM

Roll Call
Approval of the Agenda
Work Session Topics
Institutional Zoning
Staff will continue the discussion on possible development of a new "Institutional" zoning/land use designation. A staff memo and potential draft amendments to the PF (Public Facilities) code and land use designation criteria are attached.

Staff Contact: Rachael Brown, Assistant Planner
253-770-3363 |
Homeless-Serving Facilities

Staff has made two recent presentations (11/9/16, 12/14/16) to the Planning Commission regarding possible standards for certain land uses which provide services to homeless individuals. 

As outlined at that time, this topic stems from a City Council-approved moratorium (adopted on 4/5/16 under Ordinance #3109, which imposed a 180-day moratorium - since extended to March, 2017 - on any City land use permits/approvals for “uses and activities associated with emergency shelters, drop-in centers, and similar uses that provide social services to persons that are homeless in all zones located in the City of Puyallup.”  

At the November 9th & December 14th meetings, feedback was received from the Planning Commission on this topic. Staff has attempted to incorporate that Commission input into the attached staff report for January 11th, which contains draft Municipal Code standards for possible homeless-serving drop-in centers and overnight shelters, respectively, including some optional approaches. This packet also includes Citywide maps depicting possible areas for potentially siting these uses under the different options.

Staff Contact: Tom Utterback, AICP
Development Services Director
253-841-5502 | 

Other Commission Business
Privately-Initiated Code Amendment
At the December 14, 2016, Planning Commission meeting, staff introduced a privately-initiated Municipal Code text amendment related to allowances for detached accessory buildings on single-family zoned parcels. Following that discussion, staff has done further analysis on the potential city-wide application of this code amendment. 

A staff memo, map, and table of parcel data are attached for the Commission's information and review.  No formal staff presentation will be provided at this January 11th meeting.  It is anticipated that this item will be considered at a public hearing on January 25, 2017. 

Staff Contact: Chris Beale, AICP, Senior Planner
253-841-5418 | 

The City Council chambers are wheelchair accessible. Those needing assistance with hearing devices should contact the City Clerk's office at (253) 841-5480 no later than the Monday preceding the meeting.