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Lodging Tax Advisory Committee Grant Application Scoresheet

  1. Applicant name and title of project or event for which funding is being sought (e.g., Chamber of Commerce 4th of July event)

  2. LTAC member name

  3. Evaluation Criteria

  4. 1. Leisure and/or Business Travel Promotion

    The project or event has a demonstrated or high potential to promote a positive image for Puyallup as a leisure and/or a business destination, attracting visitors to the city.

  5. Score

  6. 2. Benefit to the Community

    The project or event has a high potential to result in economic benefit to Puyallup. It is scalable with the potential to grow over time.

  7. Score

  8. 3. Overnight Stays

    This funding request has high potential to result in overnight stays in Puyallup hotels.

  9. Score

  10. 4. Community/Partnerships Support

    The project or event has exhibited or has a high potential to elicit support from interjurisdictional, business and/or civic organizations.

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