Will the bridge be closed during construction? How long will it be closed?
Yes, the bridge will be closed during construction. It is anticipated the construction work will take about 18 months (365 working days) to complete.

How will the project affect traffic after it reopens?
Traffic is expected to remain consistent with current patterns. There may be some additional truck traffic; however, 5th St NE is not a designated truck route through Puyallup.

Will the city have to acquire private property for this project?
All necessary right-of-way has been acquired in accordance with state and federal guidelines.

Why is this project needed?
​The existing structure was built in the 1960s, at which time truck loads were much lighter than today. Not only are trucks much larger than those built 50 years ago, they also have the ability to carry much heavier loads. 

The bridge has experienced wear and stress over the last five-plus decades, developing some defects over time. Its structural health indicator is approximately 15 out of 100--still safe in its current state, but in need of rehabilitation to assure its continued operation. The bridge is inspected regularly to verify its safe ability to accommodate vehicles and pedestrians on a daily basis.

​How much is this project going to cost?
​The project is anticipated to cost $17 million; $11.5 million of which will be via a grant through the Federal Highway Administration Bridge Replacement Advisory Council (BRAC). The remaining funds will come from the city and a $1 million Highway Improvement Account (HIA) loan.