Cross Connection How-To

Before you start on your fire sprinkler system - or any project that requires cross-connection control - you'll need a plumbing permit. Get a permit from the authority with jurisdiction over your home or business. For residences inside the Puyallup city limits, contact Development Services at (253) 864-4165 Monday-Friday, 8:00 to 5:00.
Jurisdiction permit information:
Pierce County - Planning and Land Services - Phone (253) 798-7210
Puyallup - Building Services - Phone (253) 864-4165

Test & Inspect Your Backflow Assembly

Any state-certified backflow assembly tester can test your assembly. View our list of certified backflow assembly testers.

If you select a tester that is not on our list, please ensure that the tester provides us with copies of their current state certification and test equipment calibration certificates. We will not accept test reports from testers that have not provided that information.
Puyallup Water does not verify the status of tester business licenses. We only verify that the testers on our list are certified by the state and that their test equipment is calibrated. The customer and/or tester are responsible for ensuring all local licensing requirements have been met.
Submit Test Report to Puyallup Water

Puyallup Water accepts most versions of backflow assembly test reports, provided they are completed in accordance with our guidelines and contain all of the information on the Puyallup Water test report form. 

Join the Backflow Assembly Tester List

If you are a backflow assembly tester and would like to be included on the tester list we distribute to our customers, call our Cross Connection Control Specialist at (253) 841-5524.