Arts & Culture Commission


  • Amora Bussey
  • Cody Esp
  • Brad Pugh - Chair
  • Janna Quirie
  • Amy Johnson - Vice-Chair
  • Nichole Nicholson
  • Paige Rooney

About the Commission

The Arts & Culture Commission serves as an advisory board to the Puyallup City Council on the subjects of art and culture in Puyallup. The commission works to further public awareness of and appreciation for fine and performing arts while promoting interest and participation in artistic and cultural endeavors and projects. It advises the City Council as to the acquisition of works of art for public display, and facilitates donations, grants and other support for arts and culture in the community.

The Arts & Culture Commission has seven members, a super majority of which are Puyallup residents. Commission members who do not reside in the city are either artists who engage in the performing arts or exhibit a portfolio of artwork, or instructors who teach art in Puyallup.

Arts & Culture Commission Vision and Mission Statements

Vision Statement: Art defines our city as we celebrate our heritage, create our future, and share knowledge, insight and beauty through the arts.

Mission Statement: The City of Puyallup and the Arts and Culture Commission strongly value the integration of diverse art, culture, and heritage to enrich the quality of life for our residents and to promote economic vitality.


Fourth Monday of every month, 4:00 pm. 

Call 253-841-4321 for more information.