Upper Clarks Creek Channel and Bank Stabilization

The City's efforts to improve water quality in Clarks Creek and other waterways in Puyallup is tied to the NPDES Stormwater Municipal Permit which requires the City to implement projects that reduce pollutant loading from stormwater runoff to address Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) action plans assigned to impaired water ways within the city. 

The Upper Clarks Creek Channel and Bank Stabilization addresses the severely incised main stem and tributary channel areas just downstream of 23rd Avenue SW. A 12-foot-high headcut is located approximately 120 feet downstream of the road crossing

and has the potential to migrate upstream toward the road. Following the degraded channel downstream, cuts up to 50 feet in depth are further eroding the channel banks. To address these issues the project stabilize the headcut and roughen the channel in the incised reach for approximately 1,000 LF of channel to reduce continued channel degradation and downstream transport of sediment into the lower reaches of Clarks Creek. Channel roughening will be accomplished with natural material, wood, slash, and vegetation to create large matrices of specifically engineered structures that will be anchored in place. 

This project will reduce the risk to public infrastructure, including 23rd Avenue SW, which could eventually be threatened by erosion if the headcut continues to migrate upstream.

Project Status

  • Current - Monitoring conditions and maintenance of plants in the channel and along the riparian area.  
  • November 2018 - Construction Complete
  • July 2018 - Construction started.
  • February 2018 - Project on-schedule for March 2018 bid process
  • January 2018 - Site reconnaissance completed to confirm on-site conditions prior to final plan set compilation
  • October 2017 - Permit extension process underway to allow for 2018 construction
  • May 2017 - Construction postponed until 2018 based on close-approaching in-water work window and staffing
  • March 2017 - Nationwide Permit issued by US Army Corps
  • March 2017 - HPA permit issued by WDFW
  • January 2017 - finalizing WDFW Restoration Pathways process; Cultural resources review near complete
  • December 2016 - Draft HPA permit
  • April-December 2016 - Permitting process underway, 90% design completed under contract by Puyallup Tribe
  • April 2016 - Natural Systems Design contracted to complete design and construction support
  1. Paul Marrinan P.E.

    Senior Civil Engineer