2017 Sidewalk Link Projects

Pervious Concrete Sample

Project Description

With Council Approval, the following sidewalk gap locations were identified for design and construction:

2017 Sidewalk Link Project ( Anticipated Construction Year: 2018)
  1. 27th Avenue SE - South sidewalk link between 5th Street SE and 7th Street SE. Minor roadway widening will be incorporated into this project to maintain enough street width to provide parking on south side of street.
  2. 7th Street SE (Moved from 2016 Sidewalks) - West sidewalk link between 27th Avenue SE to Life Care Center sidewalk stub. 
  3. 11th Avenue NW - South sidewalk link along 11th Avenue NW and provide an asphalt pathway between 21st Street Place NW and 21st Street NW. 
  4. 14th Street SW - Replace-in-place west sidewalk between existing porous concrete sidewalk stub at Meeker Creek Crossing near 10th Avenue SW to 12th Avenue SW. Provide a new porous sidewalk link from 12th Avenue SW to north boundary of Puyallup Fish Hatchery.

​Project Vicinity Map

2017 Sidewalk Link VMAP

​Project Status Updates

6/8/2018 - Project is currently under design and is nearing the 90% design completion milestone. Construction is expected to begin in July.

Project Schedule

It is currently anticipated that construction will begin in July. Updates to project schedule will be posted as they become available. Property owners in the immediate vicinity of the project will receive mailers of construction notification.