Sewer & Stormwater Collections

The Collections Division maintains and repairs all wastewater and stormwater piping, structures and related facilities. Division employees provide an important public health service with the regular cleaning and video inspection of sanitary sewer lines. The division also investigates and monitors water quality in the watershed and regulates Industrial discharges. Their work is equally important in stormwater, reducing nuisance flooding by regular maintenance.
Sewage Maintenance
They are prepared and offer critical emergency assistance during larger flood events. In addition to routine cleaning of wastewater and stormwater collection systems, significant repair and replacement of sewer and stormwater utilities are accomplished annually.


The wastewater and stormwater collection systems are composed of approximately:
  • 32 detention ponds
  • 190 miles of pipe
  • 6,500 manholes
  • 10,000 lateral connections
  • 15,000 acres of drainage

Ongoing Functions/Goals

  • Continued closed circuit video inspection, and inventory assessments of the wastewater and stormwater collection systems piping, structures, and facilities
  • Reducing the number of blockages per mile of pipe with scheduled maintenance, "spot" repairs, and a comprehensive capital plan for replacement
  • Alleviating localized stormwater flooding with "small" scaled improvements and capital construction for enhancement and replacement
  • Continued water quality monitoring, programs, and regulations; Providing source control investigation and enforcement
Sewage Truck
Stormwater Equipment
Sewer Manhole