Food Truck Pilot Program

Puyallup loves food trucks! The success of the city’s annual summertime Food Truck Frenzy has shown that there is a demand for food trucks in Puyallup. In response to that demand, the Puyallup City Council authorized a food truck pilot program to allow licensed and permitted mobile food vendors. We have recently re-launched our food truck pilot program, this time with a shorter application and quick turnaround

The pilot program allows food truck vendors to vend from private properties, along certain streets, and in other areas, as designated. Thank you for investing in Puyallup!

Before applying for the Program, please review our Pilot Program Guidelines.

Below is a table, which lists all the required documents and permits you will need to submit as part of your application.

Program Permits and RequirementsProgram Reference Links 
City of Puyallup Mobile Food Vendor LicenseLicense Application
Pierce County Health Department PermitExample Permit
Certificate of Insurance with CG 20 12 EndorsementExample Certificate
Insurance InformationFlyer
Hood Suppression Inspection TagExample Inspection Tag
Spill Response Emergency InformationForm
Review Prohibited Streets MapMap Link


What is a food truck vendor?
 A food truck vendor sells food from a mobile food preparation van, truck, or other vehicle or conveyance. This also includes food carts!

What documentation must a food truck vendor maintain during operation?
 The documents we require are needed to keep vendors and the City safe and insured. These are listed below:

Where will I be able to apply for a food truck vendor permit?
You can apply online or in-person at the Development Services permit counter in City Hall on the 2nd floor (open 9 am-3 pm). You can also download a printable permit application. 

How much is it to apply for the food truck vendor permit and when does it expire?
The application for the pilot program food truck vendor permit is free! The pilot program has been extended until the new permanent program is adopted, estimated in Spring 2022

What is the CG 20 12 endorsement and why is it required?
The City of Puyallup requires Liability Insurance for operation in the public right-of-way (City streets and sidewalks) and an additional endorsement is known as a CG 20 12. This is a very specific requirement, and you will want to work closely with your insurance carrier to obtain acceptable documents. Please use this informational flyer that can be provided to your insurance agent.

How do I get the Central Pierce Fire Department Operations Permit?
 To obtain this permit you, the operator, need to print out the operational permit that is available online, and then email or drop it off in person at the Central Pierce Station 71 (902 7th St NW, Puyallup, WA - right next door to the Harnish Subaru/Chevy dealership on River Rd) station. There is no cost for the permit and is valid for one (1) year.

How do I get my truck inspected?
 Once you have applied for the Central Pierce Fire Department Operations Permit and turned it into Central Pierce Station 71, you will have to leave a contact name, and If possible, a location, of where they are scheduled to be operating. Then, someone from Central Pierce Station 71 will come to find you.

What is the spill kit that you require?
 You may already have all the components for a spill kit in your truck, but if not, you can purchase one online. Please direct questions regarding the spill kit to our Pollution Prevention Specialist Bryana Solis at (253) 770-3364.

What days and times are permitted for food trucks to park and vend?
You can park and vend anytime! However, you won’t be able to park in any 15-minute parking zones or overnight. You are otherwise exempt from posted time limits in the right-of-way location. Time limits do not apply to vendors located on private property.

Are there areas where food trucks cannot vend? Do you have a map we could keep on hand to refer to?

The following locations are prohibited; please see the attached Mobile Food Vendor Pilot Program Map for more detail:

  • City parks
  • NEW CLARIFICATION: Within 300 feet of public events in public parks or right-of-way that include food vendors or food sales, except when authorized in writing by the event organizer. Examples include Farmer’s Market, Meeker Days, Night Market, and Concerts in the Park.
  • Public right-of-way is as follows:
    • South Meridian between Main and Pioneer
    • East Stewart between North Meridian and 2nd St NE
    • West Meeker between 4th St SW and 3rd St SW
    • The north side of West and East Pioneer between 4th St SW and 3rd St SE

What happens if food truck vendors do not follow these regulations?
 A written warning will be issued for the first offense. A second offense results in the revocation of the vendor’s pilot program permit.

Where can I provide feedback about the food truck pilot program?
Email Economic Development Manager, Meredith Neal 

*Other local and state laws may apply*