Stormwater Management

Why Do We Manage Stormwater?

Let's reflect on what stormwater runoff is, where it comes from, and where it goes. Stormwater runoff includes rain, and water runoff from your lawns, rooftops, sidewalks, roadways, and other impervious surfaces. Stormwater runoff flows through our stormwater system of drains, pipes, and ditches – in some cases untreated - into our streams, rivers, and lakes. Stormwater carries with it pollution such as oil, chemicals, fertilizers, and other pollutants it collects along the way.
How do we do our part to stop this residential stormwater pollution (which is the source of nearly 75% of the 140,000 pounds of toxins entering Puget Sound each day)? Green Stormwater Infrastructure, also known as Low Impact Development (LID) is the implementation of techniques and structures that allow the on-site treatment and infiltration of stormwater. These methods help retain a developed site's natural hydrology the was present before development.

To report a spill or illicit discharge into a catch basin or other area of the stormwater system, please call (253)770-3336. Learn more about how to report a spill.