Small Cell Permit

Permit Info

A small cell permit is required for constructing or modifying any small antenna that is visible from the public right of way. This includes small antennas attached to buildings, light poles, utility poles, and any other structures that are visible from the street. Small Cell permits are only for antennas that are less than 3 cubic feet with primary equipment that measures 28 cubic feet, these permits are not for authorizing work on cell towers (monopoles) or to build new cell towers. 

Prohibited Locations

Small cells are not allowed on traffic signal poles or on decorative City light standards.

Expiration of Permits

Small Cell permits expire if not executed within 1 year of permit issuance


  • There is no limit to the number of small cell sites that can be included in one small cell application
  • Each batch of small cell sites included in one application must be clustered within a 1/2' mile radius
  • The entire batch must be of the same installation type (e.g. attached to a building/structure, a PSE pole, or a City Pole) 


A permit is not required to construct, maintain, or alter a small cell antenna that is not visible from the ROW. If the small cell antenna is or will be visible from the public ROW, then a permit is required unless:

  1. Routine maintenance and repair of a small cell facility 
  2. Replacement of an antenna or equipment of similar size, weight, and height; provided, that
    • Such replacement does not defeat the concealment elements used in the original deployment of the small cell facility 
    • Does not impact the structural integrity of the pole
    • Does not require pole replacement. 
    • “Similar size, weight, and height” shall mean no more than a 10 percent increase in any dimension
  3. Replacing equipment within the equipment enclosure or reconfiguration of fiber or power to the small cell facility

Small Cell Fee Schedule

All Fees are per pole
Attached to PSE Pole Attached to Building/Structure Attached to City Pole
TOTAL (NOT IN ROW) $195 $325 $260
TOTAL (IN ROW) $528 $658 $593
Application fee: an application fee of $195 per site is paid at time of application. The remainder of the required fee per site shown in the table above is paid at time of permit issuance.