Downtown Economic Development Plan


The Downtown Economic Development Plan is part of the City's ongoing efforts to promote economic development and downtown revitalization. It identifies focus areas, strategies and action steps for the City and key partners to implement our community's vision for the downtown and to strengthen and grow its economy. The plan was developed with a significant amount of stakeholder engagement, including interviews, group discussions, and workshops.

The plan identifies seven strategies for achieving the desired results. These are as follows:

  • Strategy 1: Provide business support
  • Strategy 2: Promote building reuse
  • Strategy 3: Improve development feasibility
  • Strategy 4: Support residential development
  • Strategy 5: Improve walkability
  • Strategy 6: Increase connectivity
  • Strategy 7: Create a strong Downtown identity and great experiences for residents and visitors

The plan addresses assets, challenges and opportunities and provides an economic and real estate analysis of the area.