IN CRIMINAL AND CONTESTED INFRACTION CASES, the procedures for perfecting an appeal are provided for in the Rules for Appeal of Decision of Courts of Limited Jurisdiction (RALJ, Title 2 of Washington Court Rules). The following steps must be taken within 30 days from entry of judgment:

  1. Prepare a written Notice of Appeal, Designation of Record and file it with the Municipal Court. 
  2. A cashier’s check or money order for $230.00 made payable to the Municipal Court must be included with the Notice of Appeal. The Notice of Appeal and fee of $230.00 on Contested Cases must be filed with this court within 30 days from entry of Judgment. A $230.00 filing fee is not required for criminal cases.
  3. Within 14 days of filing the Notice of Appeal, a Designation of Record to be Transmitted to Superior Court must be filed with this court. Once received, the court has 14 days to prepare the record. Within 14 days after the designation is filed, the clerk of this court shall prepare the record and notify each party that the record is ready to transmit. A fee of $40.00 for all case types will be required to be paid to the Municipal Court for the preparation of the record. It is the appellant’s responsibility to have the tape or CD accurately transcribed. 

 IN A CRIMINAL CASE, the Municipal Court may require you to post a bond to stay the enforcement of the Municipal Court sentence. If the bond is not posted, you are required to comply with the sentence.