27th St SE Culvert Replacement & Deer Creek Channel Realignment

CIP Project Number: 19-013

Project Manager: Scott Tkach

Project Description:

The project will complete a 30-percent conceptual design that includes replacing four existing drainage road crossings, re-align a portion of Deer Creek and one of its tributaries and would create side-channel floodplain hydraulic connectivity, wetlands and riparian/habitat enhancements.  Three of the drainage road crossings are located beneath 27th St SE and one is located beneath the intersection of 12th AVE SE & 25th St SE. The project would mitigate existing flooding during peak storm events replace existing concrete pipes and corrugated metal pipe (CMP) pipes with fish-passable culverts and constructing off-channel wetlands that would enhanced riparian habitat.   

Approved Budget/Est Cost (All Phases): $230,000

Estimated Schedule: Design February 2020 to October 2020