January 2020

Youth Sports

Youth basketball registrations total 96 teams for boys and girls in Kindergarten-12th grade. Games started on January 11th and are played at six Puyallup School District gyms, the Memorial Center and the Recreation Center. 

Youth baseball/softball registration started February 3rd. Youth baseball/softball is offered for boys and girls, 5-14 years old. 

Boy’s Competitive Junior High Baseball league registration began February 3rd. The league includes the following divisions: 10 & under, 11 & under, 12 & under, 13 & under, 14 & under and 16 & under. 

Adult Spring Softball

Registration for spring adult slow pitch softball leagues opened January 27th, offering leagues for men and coed teams six days a week. Registration closes March 8th so be sure to register early before leagues fill up. New this year: fully turfed fields!

Convos with Chief

Chief Scott Engle invites you to meet with him for a 60-minute conversation to express comments, concerns, or compliments! These opportunities will be held the 4th Wednesday of each month from 1pm-2pm, starting February 26th. Please email: mkent@ci.puyallup.wa.us to make an appointment! Five spots per session, requires a criminal history screening, and a copy of your state issued identification.

Great Decisions Discussion Group 2020

The Puyallup Activity Center has partnered again this year with Learning is ForEver and the Puyallup Public Library to offer Great Decisions Discussion Group 2020.  Great Decisions is America’s largest discussion program on world affairs and is sponsored by the Foreign Policy Association.  The program model involves reading the Great Decisions briefing book, meeting to watch a DVD pertaining to the theme of the week, then discussing critical global issues facing America today. Topics include: Climate Change and the Global Order, India and Pakistan, Red Sea Security, Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking, U.S. Relations with the Northern Triangle, China’s Road into Latin America, The Philippines and the U.S., and Artificial Intelligence and Data. 

City Gallery Art Show: Curt BōD

On Thursday, February 20th, the City of Puyallup will host a reception for Curt BōD, the artist currently featured in “City Gallery” on the fifth floor of City Hall. BōD’s show consists of more than 20 pieces of his vivid, colorful streetscapes of downtown Puyallup.

BōD’s painting style, termed “folk art” by Smithsonian curation staff, depicts real places and real people, and alternates between whimsical (a bright orange sky) and exacting. Some of his pieces detail the time spent on a particular work, tracked via handwritten notes along the side of a canvas. Those hours can add up to 100—or more.

Interested in art since a young child, BōD’s influences include his art teacher at Rogers High School and Leonardo DaVinci. 

"I drew my interpretation of DaVinci’s Code so kids could understand. How to dream, how to work with your hands. How to invent," said BōD. “I loved that guy and looked at everything in the school and the Puyallup library and the South Hill library. It freed me up. It was okay if it didn’t work at first, I kept going and now I see no end. So I just keep on drawing.”

For his Puyallup pieces, BōD spent many hours on sidewalks and street corners in the downtown, sketching and painting its buildings and populace. Often, those hours included interactions with passersby and persons who frequented the area, many of whom came to be depicted in one painting or another. In this way, BōD’s works are infused with an intimacy borne of new, developing and ongoing relationships, and the friendly conversations and mutual appreciation shared between the artist and his subjects are apparent in the affectionate way he portrays them.

“I paint the history of Puyallup and the people here out of love,” said BōD, who resides on South Hill. “I’m doing what artists do. I’m shining the tip of the spear.”

City Gallery is curated by Arts Downtown, a local arts organization. The gallery is free and open to the public Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm. 

Event details

Date and time:     Thursday, February 20th, 5:30 p.m.
Location:              Puyallup City Hall, 333 S Meridian, Puyallup (5th floor)

S.A.I.L. Program

Puyallup seniors are enthusiastically starting off the New Year with a re-commitment to their health. One of the many options available to them is participating in the S.A.I.L fitness program. S.A.I.L. (Stay Active and Independent for Life) is a senior developed exercise program with the goal of promoting healthier lifestyles for adults 65 and older. The entire curriculum of activities performed in the S.A.I.L. program can help seniors reduce their chances of falling and improve their strength and balance, if done regularly. The S.A.I.L. Program routine can be done standing or sitting and each class meets for one hour. Visit the Puyallup Activity Center for more information.

Scramble Bar

The Puyallup Activity Center offers a “Scramble (Egg) Bar” on the last Tuesday of every other month from 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. (February, April, June, August, October, December).  The event is sponsored by Bonaventure of South Hill and breakfast includes choice of egg toppings and fresh muffins for $5.00.  

Night of Delight: Black Bear Diner

Once a month the Puyallup Activity Center offers an opportunity to join friends and experience one of the great restaurants Pierce County has to offer.  This opportunity allows trip-goers to spend time with old friends and enjoy a meal together.  For the month of January, participants dined at Black Bear Diner Restaurant located in Sunrise Village.

Puyallup 101 Course Starts Soon

If you have ever wondered how the City operates, how it maintains streets and parks, manages the budget, or makes other important decisions, we encourage you to register for this free course! Puyallup 101 will provide insight into the workings of the City. You’ll gain a strong understanding of the organizational structure and operations of City departments, and you’ll also learn how you can become involved and make an impact in this place we call home.
The City of Puyallup will be holding the first Puyallup 101 course of 2020, starting Thursday, March 5th. Classes are held every Thursday for eight weeks, from 6-8pm, March 5th – April 23rd. 

Click here to register as enrollment ends on Friday, February 27th, so hurry now to claim your spot! If you have any questions, please contact Community Relations Coordinator, Erica Unruh, at eunruh@ci.puyallup.wa.us. 

New Cemetery Columbarium

Woodbine Cemetery recently added a new columbarium for cremated remains next to the cemetery office. With only one niche space left in the other columbarium, this was a much-needed addition. The new columbarium has a total of 528 niches and 16 have been purchased since the installation in July. Landscaping around the new columbarium is almost complete and will be a wonderful enhancement to Woodbine Cemetery.