DeCoursey Pond

Look no farther than DeCoursey Pond's feathered inhabitants - ducks and geese - and their large quantities and start to understand the need for restoration of this Clark's Creek-fed pond.

These water fowl produce a negative impact to water quality in the pond (and much of the creek due to numerous lawnscaped-shorelines). However, relocation of the birds is not an easy task, and would require permitting as well as community support.

Supporting and encouraging the abundant numbers - and despite signs placed around the pond discouraging it - visitors feed the birds regularly. Hence, more food means more poo, and more birds. It is a cycle that creates a larger population of water fowl with each evolution.


While there have been various research projects and much effort directed at educating the public on the effects of feeding the water fowl, the problem persists. Some of the potential solutions to cleaning up DeCoursey Pond range from filling the pond in, restricting public access long enough to allow the ducks to migrate to better locales, and continuing and improving the public education efforts regarding feeding the ducks. Many visitors to the pond do not heed the warning of the signs: Don't Feed the Ducks. With continued education efforts, a growing base of citizens can be reached to educate on how their actions can be harmful to the pond's health.

Visit the Current Restoration Efforts webpage to learn about research and projects underway at DeCoursey and along Clark's Creek aimed to improve the water quality in these water bodies, meet stormwater permit requirements, and achieve TMDL activity requirements imposed on the City by the Department of Ecology.