26th Street NW Water Main Replacement

26th ST NW water main replacement

CIP Project Number: 20-015

Project Lead: Craig Hale

Project Description:

This project replaced approximately 400 linear feet of 1.5-inch PVC water main with 8-inch ductile iron pipe along 26th St NW from W Stewart to 1008 26th St NW. The project also includes the replacement of 6 service lines.

The project will increase available fire flow by increasing water main size to remove the flow restriction the 1.5-inch diameter pipe causes along the 26th St NW corridor. 

 If you have questions about the project, please contact:

 Craig Hale, Water Division Supervisor 253-841-5503 or 253-405-4384

 Scott Hill, Street Division Supervisor 253-841-5409 or 253-341-8570

Approved Budget/Est Cost: $125,000 (2019 Funded)

Estimated Schedule:

Design Completion: December 2020; 

Construction: 1st Quarter of 2021

Completed: June 2021

  1. Craig Hale


26th St NW Water Main Replacement Map