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Community Survey Header

Community input is a key component of the City's efforts towards being a model of excellence in government and providing high-quality public services. Thank you to all our residents who participated in the City of Puyallup Community Survey 2021, shared input about the quality of life and services in Puyallup, identified priorities for the next two years, and are helping make Puyallup an even better community!
In January 2021, National Research Center (NRC) sent surveys to 2700 randomly selected households in the City. 458 residents (17%) completed the survey, yielding results with a 5% margin of error. The Community Survey gauged residents' opinions about  City governance and ten facets of livability in Puyallup:

                                                       1. Economy                       6. Community Design                                     
                                                       2. Safety                            7. Natural Environment
                                                       3. Mobility                          8. Health & Wellness
                                                       4. Utilities                           9. Education, Arts, & Culture       
                                                       5. Parks & Recreation      10. Inclusivity & Engagement    

The City also asked three custom questions about sources of City information, downtown amenities, and attracting new businesses to Puyallup.                                       

According to the 2021 survey results, 8 in 10 residents gave high ratings to the overall quality of life in Puyallup and would recommend living in Puyallup to someone who asks! 88% of the respondents rated the overall customer service provided by City employees as 'excellent or good'. 9 in 10 residents indicated that it is important to focus on the City's economic health and safety in the next two years.

Survey responses are compared to a national benchmark which includes resident perspectives from the most recent survey completed in over 600 communities. When the rating for an item is within 10 points of the benchmark rating, it is marked as 'similar' in the survey report.