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The City Attorney’s Office provides legal services and advice to City elected officials, department staff, boards, commissions, and committees in relation to the responsibilities of these individuals. The City Attorney’s Office primary role is to mitigate and resolve legal disputes related to City business. The City Attorney’s Office staff work proactively to resolve these legal issues and take the lead in settling them, whether it be personnel matters, tort and contract claims, land use and other issues related to City business.

When legal disputes are unable to be settled, the City Attorney’s Office provides litigation defense services on behalf of the City. In some situations, the City may become engaged in litigation where outside counsel is necessary. In these situations, the City Attorney’s Office coordinates with outside counsel to manage these litigation cases.

The City Attorney’s Office is responsible for prosecution of infraction, misdemeanor, and gross misdemeanor violations of state law and local ordinance in the Puyallup Municipal Court.

The City Attorney’s Office also handles administrative appeals of land use decisions, dangerous dog declarations and other administrative procedures. In addition, the City Attorney’s Office handles contract review and provides legal opinions on various projects with the City.

Staff in the City Attorney's Office represent the City of Puyallup, who is the client. As such, City Attorneys cannot give legal advice to residents or other individuals or entities.

Legal Department Divisions

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Puyallup Municipal Court

Infraction and misdemeanor violations of city ordinances and state law which occur within the city limits of Puyallup are heard by the Puyallup Municipal Court. Visit the Municipal Court page to learn more.

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