National Risk Index for Natural Hazards

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The National Risk Index is a new, online mapping application from FEMA that identifies communities most at risk to 18 natural hazards. This application visualizes natural hazard risk metrics and includes data about expected annual losses from natural hazards, social vulnerability, and community resilience. The Risk Index is accessible to anyone interested!

Risk Communication and Why It Matters

Communicating potential risks can be challenging. It can be hard for communities to visualize how a disaster that has not happened yet, will affect a neighborhood or business. Even if communities are aware of disaster risks, it does not always mean they will take the necessary preparatory actions. The National Risk Index helps illustrate how communities may be affected by natural hazards, and how specific factors affect these risks.

Get Started

Visit the National Risk Index to understand your risk to natural hazards.

  • Explore the interactive map
  • Learn more about your local natural hazard risk
  • Access data to create your own maps

Assess Your Needs & Reduce Your Risk

The National Risk Index is an online tool intended to better inform, engage, and assist the public in understanding natural hazard risks. With better understanding, communities can identify and engage resources, plan accordingly, and take action to reduce risks.