Pierce College Master Plan

Project Description

Pierce College is updating its 10 year campus master plan and requesting city review of environmental impacts and approval of the master plan update. The master plan update includes new structures, including a new STEM center, new off-street parking areas, renovations/remodels/expansions of existing buildings, storm water and utility improvements and a proposed athletic field complex.


PCP Master Plan
Cover and Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Existing Conditions
Chapter 3 - Conceptual Phasing Development Plan
Chapter 4 - Development Standards and Design Guidelines
Chapter 5 - Transportation Management Plan
Chapter 6 - Utilities
Chapter 7 - Storm Drainage
Chapter 8 - Environmental Analysis
Appendix 9.1 - SEPA Checklist
Appendix 9.2 - Landscape Master Plan
Appendix 9.3 - Site Lighting Master Plan
Appendix 9.4 - Sign Programming Guide
Appendix 9.5 - Traffic Impact Analysis
Appendix 9.6 Sewer System and North Basin Sanitary Sewer Pump Station Report
Appendix 9.7 - Wetlands Report
Appendices Combined

  1. Chris Beale, AICP

    Senior Planner