Downtown Banner Pole Project

CIP Project Number: 20-012

Project Manager: Jessica Wilson

Project Description:

Historically, a cross street banner existed on the northern section of N. Meridian corridor between River Road and Main Street. The banner was strung between two light poles that were not designed for the wind loads. The poles were eventually decommissioned after a car crash damaged one of them. This project will construct a new banner pole system in the 800 block of N. Meridian, near Korum Automotive Group. The new pole system will have an internal winch and pulley system so that event banners can be installed with less impact to traffic. 

Estimated Schedule: Construction is anticipated in 2022 

The small works project will be advertised on November 15 and bids are due by 2:00pm on Friday, December 10, 2021. Bid documents are available at the City of Puyallup’s website . Construction is anticipated in 2022.

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  1. Jessica Wilson, P.E.

    Civil Engineer
    Phone: (253) 435-3645