Community Grants 2024

Deadline for filing applications was July 21, 2023.

Each year as part of the budget process, the City of Puyallup solicits applications from social service agencies and non-profit corporations to provide services and programs for the community.  The Community Grants Committee, comprised of three councilmembers, review the applications and provide recommendations to the full council. Final decisions on funding levels are made by the City Council based upon projected expenditures and revenues as recommended by the City Manager. 

In the 2023 budget, $159,500 was set aside from the General Fund for Community Grants.

Eligibility Information 

  • Agencies must hold 501(c) non-profit status pursuant to the IRS code.
  • The organization must demonstrate that at least 50% of its total organizational funding, including in-kind services, is based upon other sources.  In-kind services must be applicable for the program requesting the grant.
  • Agencies must demonstrate that sufficient funding is available for the project to be completed or accomplished by the organization as proposed.
  • Special consideration will be given to organizations which will use city funds as a match for obtaining additional resources.
  • Priority consideration will be given to City of Puyallup organizations deemed to provide necessary and cost-effective services and programs to city residents.
  • Funding will be determined by the material supplied in, and with, the application. The committee is especially interested in your goals, objectives, performance measures and sustainability. Answer each question thoroughly, provide all necessary attachments, and submit the grant package before the deadline. 

Proposal Evaluation Procedure and Criteria

  • Agencies requesting funding must submit financial statements.  The required financial statements must include a Profit and Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, and budget for the current program year and the next program year.  The budget must clearly outline all sources of revenues including the use of facilities and other non-monetary donations for the program requesting funds.  
  • The City Council Community Grants committee will review the applications and make recommendations on funding for any given year to the full council. The City Council will approve the funding allocation for each organization. 
  • Written reports will be required from agencies receiving funding.  The reports should contain detailed information regarding the use of the funds and must demonstrate how the agency accomplished their performance goals and provided the identified services.

2024 Awards

All Saints Community Services$4,500
Helping Hands House$95,000
Mi Casa$25,000
St. Francis House$20,000