Sound Transit Puyallup Station Access Improvements

CIP Project Number: 20-011

Project Manager: Jessica Wilson

Project Description:

The project is currently in the design phase of non-motorized improvements that support pedestrian access to the Sound Transit Puyallup Station. The project includes:

•An intersection retrofit at W. Pioneer Ave and 5th St SW to include accessible pedestrian curb ramps and signals. 

•A marked crosswalk and curb extension at the intersection of 12th St NW and 3rd Ave NW. 

•Design of improvements to the existing streetlights along 5th St SW, from 2nd Ave NW to 9th Ave SW. 

Project locations are shown in the below figures.

Through the public procurement process, the City has selected a highly-qualified consultant team that includes SCJ Alliance, Commonstreet Consulting, Mtn2Coast, and NV5. Design and right-of-way acquisition are anticipated to be completed in 2023. Private utililty relocation and construction are anticipated to commence at the end of 2023.

  1. Jessica Wilson, P.E.

    Civil Engineer

Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3