Historic Register Grant Project

The City  received a grant from the Washington State Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation (DAHP) to hire a consultant to prepare nomination forms for a select number of properties for listing on the local historic register. The intent of this grant is to assist property owners with the listing process and cover some of the expenses.

Since the project was announced, the city received interest from two property owners who worked with our consultants to nominate their properties. Descriptions and photos of the two properties are included below. These properties were deemed eligible to apply to nominate their property based on the following standards:

  • The structure is significantly associated with the history, architecture, archaeology, engineering, or cultural heritage of the community;
  • The structure is at least 50 years old or is of lesser age and has exceptional importance;
  • The structure has integrity;
    • i.e. the property retains its original character and is able to communicate its historic significance within the community
  • And falls within at least one of the eleven categories provided on the eligibility flow chart. 

On September 12th, the structures at 113 W Pioneer and 505 5th St NE were officially approved to be listed on the local historic register by the City Council. 

  1. Nabila Comstock

    Associate Planner


If your property is listed on the local historic register, the property is then eligible for financial incentives which are further explained in our financial incentives brochure. Proposed changes to the structure will also be required to be reviewed by the Design Review and Historic Preservation Board and will require a receipt of a Certificate of Appropriateness indicating that the Board has reviewed the proposed changes for compliance with the required review criteria and certify that the changes will not adversely affect the historic characteristics of the property.

The process for applying for the nomination will be guided by the City with assistance from our consultant. This process would include the consultant working with the property owner to complete the nomination form, performing site visits, capturing photographs for the nomination, and conducting archival research of the property. Following the completion of the application for nomination, city staff would present the nomination to the City’s Design Review and Historic Preservation Board for review and recommendation to City Council. City staff would then present the nomination and Board recommendation to Puyallup City Council, who makes the final decision.

There are many benefits to registering your historic property. You may: 

  • Be presented with a "Historic Property" plaque to post on your property 
  • Utilize technical assistance/resource information from the City's historic preservation representative 
  • Be eligible for special tax valuation for approved rehabilitation expenses
  • Be eligible for some exemptions from the International Building Code when rehabilitating a designated historic property 
  • Be eligible for state or federal funds to rehabilitate your designated property 

Properties Recently Listed

113 W Pioneer

113 W Pioneer is located across from Pioneer Park. The building was constructed between 1909 and 1923. The building was historically a hat millinery and music shop and temporarily a telephone exchange. It is a candidate for nomination to the local historic register as it is an example of early twentieth century one-part commercial block architecture. 

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505 5th St NE

505 5th St NE, also known as "The Mayor's House", is a single-family residence that was constructed in 1923 near the Puyallup River. The home was once owned by Mr. Ron Crowe who served as Mayor of Puyallup in 1984. This home is a candidate for nomination to the local historic register as it embodies the distinctive characteristics of the Colonial Revival-style architecture.

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