5th Ave NW Improvement Project; 4th St NW to 7th St NW

CIP Project Number: 17-021

Project Manager: Jessica Wilson

Project Description:

This project is funded in part by a grant from the Washington State Department of Ecology. The grant was awarded to the project to improve water quality in the Puyallup River through installation of permeable pavement. The permeable pavement will provide treatment of total suspended solids, and reduce flows and dissolved and total metal loads to the Puyallup River through increased stormwater infiltration.

The project goals include:

•Replace failed asphalt with permeable pavement and sidewalk with pervious concrete, which will provide for improved WQ;   

•Widen 5th Ave NW to provide for a Bike Boulevard;

•Widen 5th St NW to meet current City standards;

•Replace approximately 2000 linear feet of aged sewer main; and

•Replace approximately 900 linear feet of aged water main.

Approved Budget/Est Cost (All Phases): $6,120,000

Estimated Schedule: 

The City selected KPG Psomas as the most qualified firm to design the project. Design is anticipated to begin in 2023 and Construction is anticipated in late 2024 or early 2025.

  1. Jessica Wilson, P.E.

    Civil Engineer

17-021 project area map