Virtual Counter Visit

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You can now book a free virtual counter visit to receive direct assistance from a development review team member who will be able to answer basic questions you may have about City of Puyallup zoning, building, and development requirements for permitting.

You can schedule a virtual counter visit online by choosing from available meeting times and services.  All appointments are conducted using Microsoft Teams.


Things to Know Prior to Scheduling Your Virtual Counter Visit

At this time, the Development and Permitting Services Department is offering a virtual counter visit service as part of this pilot program to add options for customers to reach staff, discuss projects, and ask questions.

  • This service is not intended to be a consultation with the reviewer of an existing permit.  If that is the case, please contact the assigned reviewer directly with questions about the existing permit.
  • Meetings are intended to address basic, high level questions.
  • If you wish to receive more formal, project specific feedback from multiple review groups, please review our pre-application submittal form.

Preparing for Your Virtual Counter Visit

  • Meetings are intended to be 15-20 minutes
  • Organize and plan for your virtual counter appointment and be prepared with all your questions in advance.
  • Have a computer, tablet or smartphone ready with internet access.
  • The use of webcams during the virtual counter appointment is optional.
  • As the virtual counter appointments will be conducted using Microsoft Teams, please familiarize yourself with this virtual meeting platform. See Virtual Meetings tip sheet.

During Your Virtual Counter Visit

  • During the virtual counter appointment, DPS representatives will be able to share their computer screen.
  • You will not be able to email files before, during or after meetings 
  • If you have preliminary/conceptual plans, you can share your computer screen and electronic project documents during the virtual counter appointment.
  • Because this meeting is informal, notes will not be provided by staff and it is recommended that the meeting requestor keep their own meeting notes
  • Permits will not be issued as a result of the virtual meeting held with staff. Permit applications can be submitted online using the CityView Portal.

Book Your Virtual Counter Visit

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– Traffic
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– Storm water regulations
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– Property research
– When a land use permit is required and understanding the process
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– When SEPA (State Environmental Policy Act) is required
– How a property can be used
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