Public Education and Outreach

The City has multiple programs and ways you can contribute to keeping our stormwater system clean and free of pollution. Browse them below.knowledge-4171793_1280

Puyallup Rain Garden Program

Puyallup's Rain Garden Program has educated hundreds about stormwater pollution prevention and green infrastructure techniques. Since the program's inception in 2009, over 10 million gallons of stormwater have been disconnected from the stormwater system to be managed on-site. Rain garden installation

Single-family residential rain gardens, permeable pavement, and rain barrels are the focus of this education and outreach program. The program allows for cost-sharing of the installation of these facilities.

Purpose of Puyallup's Cost-Share Rain Garden Program

Rain gardens, permeable pavement, and rain barrels manage rain where it falls, rather than letting it flow into the storm drains. While storm drains are designed to collect and convey stormwater, they do not provide treatment or flow control prior to discharging to our streams, lakes, and rivers.
Puyallup's Rain Garden Program provides opportunities for homeowners to install GSI at their homes, reducing their impervious footprint in our watershed and helping to reduce stormwater runoff. 

Join the Program

Puyallup's Rain Garden Program includes many green stormwater infrastructure elements that help manage stormwater where it falls including:

Rain Gardens are shallow depressions with specific amend soils and plantings that are used as small stormwater facilities to collect, store and filter rainwater and stormwater runoff from your lawn, rooftop, sidewalk, driveway, and other existing impervious surfaces. Participants receive reimbursement for material, up to $1,000.

Read the Western Washington Rain Garden Handbook (PDF) to learn more about rain garden design and upkeep.

Permeable Pavements consist of specialPermeable Paver Walkway Opens in new window mixes of concrete, asphalt, pavers, etc. with larger pore spaces, or separation between aggregate, to allow for rainwater to pass through. Stormwater then moves through the pore spaces and infiltrates into the soil below, reducing surface runoff. Participants receive reimbursement for 50% or the cost, up to $7,500.The cost share only applies when replacing impervious surfaces with permeable pavements.

Rain Barrels are barrels or tanks used to store rainwater, typically from roof downspouts, for reuse. Rain barrels disconnect rainwater from downspouts from the stormwater system, decreasing the total water volume during a storm event. Participants receive reimbursement for the rain barrel, up to $125.

Participants in the cost-share program can install a rain garden,  permeable pavement, or rain barrel at their Puyallup home. Read more about this program (PDF) or download the application (PDF). For questions or more information, please contact us via email at

To qualify for the cost share program your home must be within Puyallup City limits. Having a Puyallup address does not necessarily qualify your home for the program. If you’re unsure if you are in Puyallup City limits, try our “Are you a City of Puyallup resident?” feature in the Puyallup GIS Portal.

Visit a Puyallup Rain Garden 

Want to take a tour of rain gardens in Puyallup? We have a demonstration area located on 8th Ave NW between 9th St NW and 11th St NW.


Contractors who have not previously worked with the city in the Rain Garden Program are encouraged to learn about GSI and be added to our Pre-Approved Contractors list. To do so, contact the city via email. Contractors are encouraged to attend a GSI workshop and must meet with program staff to discuss additional aspects of the program.