Current Planning

Land Use Applications and Notices

Under the land use permits and applications page, you will find a comprehensive list of active development projects throughout the city. Some permit types you may see on this list include, but are not limited to: Conditional Use Permits, Preliminary Site Plans, Major Plats, and Variances.

Downtown Design Guidelines 

Adopted in 2006, the mission of the Downtown Design Guidelines [DDG] is to help guide the development of our historic center. Aiming to achieve high quality building design throughout the Central Business District [CBD], Central Business district Core [CBD-Core], and Regional Growth Center Oriented Multi-Family Residential [RM-Core] zones.

Hearing Examiner

The Hearing Examiner is an independent official who conducts public hearings and renders decisions in certain administrative matters specified in the municipal code. The Hearing Examiner acts as an impartial decision-maker, similar to a judge hearing a case in court. The Hearing Examiner serves as the City's principal administrative law judge and is responsible for making decisions following public hearings typically organized by the city's Planning division.

Municipal Code for Land Use Review