Salmon Springs Main Replacement Phase 4


Salmon Springs supplies over 50 percent of Puyallup's drinking water. The transmission main that supplies water from Salmon Springs to residents' homes is being replaced with a newer, longer-lasting pipe. Once completed, over 9,600 linear feet of new water main will be replaced with ductile iron pipe.

Phase 4 is the final phase of the multi-year project. Phase 4, which runs from the intersection of Washington St and Railroad St all the way to the intersection of Elizabeth St and Traffic Ave in Sumner, is anticipated to start in May 2023 and is forecasted to be finished in September 2023. Over 1,809 linear feet of 24” ductile iron water main and 700 feet of 16” water main will be replaced during Phase 4 with a total estimated cost of just over $3 million. 

Updates to Phase 4 will be posted here as the project moves along. 

  1. Phase Map