Shush!... with Debi. The Library Podcast


Welcome to "Shush...with Debi", Puyallup Public Library's Podcast, where we interview and connect with people in the library, the City, Puyallup businesses and the local community.

Shush! Episode 3--September 2023 

Debi interviews long-time children's librarian and professional storyteller Bonnie Anderson. She also speaks with our librarian, Paul, who recommends a fantasy book series.

Shush! Episode 2--July 2023

Debi interviews Interim Library Director Nicole Erickson. She also speaks with our library assistant, Sarah, who shares a wonderful recommendation for a manga book.

Shush! Episode 1--June 2023

Puyallup Public Library's Outreach Coordinator, Debi, interviews City Manager Steve Kirkelie.  She also talks with our resident manga-phile, Rita, who has great recommendations for graphic novels.