Puyallup CERT


How to Become a Member

Members are required to attend a CERT Basic Course. These classes are free. For graduates that would like to become an active CERT, members are required to adhere to Puyallup CERT Standard Operating Procedures.

Members must complete the following applications:

  1. City of Puyallup Volunteer Application
  2. City of Puyallup Background
  3. City of Puyallup CERT Volunteer Agreement
  4. City of Puyallup CERT Code of Conduct

For those that would like to participate as a deployable CERT in the region, members must complete the additional requirements:

  1. Complete FEMA Independent Study Courses 100, 200, and 700. (You will need a student ID. If you do not have one, please reference the FEMA Student Identification System Q&A.)
  2. WA Emergency Worker Card
  3. Pierce County Emergency Worker Application & Guidelines

To remain an active Puyallup CERT, members are required to attend one CERT training session/event each year and one CERT call-out/drill each year. All forms can be submitted to prepare@puyallupwa.gov or delivered to: 1100 39th AVE SE, Building A, Puyallup, WA 98374.

Puyallup CERT Forms

Members must keep copies of the following documents in their CERT Response Bags:

  1. CERT Response Bag Checklist
  2. CERT Forms
  3. ICS 214
  4. State of WA Emergency Worker Daily Activity Report
  5. CERT Accident, Injury, Illness, and Exposure Report
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  2. 2
  3. 3