Book a Librarian

What to expect when you Book a Librarian with us:

• You will receive 30 minutes of requested, personalized support on a specific topic from a library professional, with a limit of one (1) session per day. 

• You cannot employ us to complete projects for you or to go into detail on multiple topics. Please book another session for an additional help topic.

• You will receive courteous interactions from our staff. We expect courteous interactions in return.

• The opportunity to follow up by making another appointment at the end of your current appointment

• 24 hours cancellation notice is required. Three (3) no-shows in a year could result in suspension of access to this service for three (3) months.

• You are not able to choose who your appointment will be with. All our staff are professional and qualified, and appointments are assigned by expertise and staffing availability. We will always do our best to help you with your needs.

• While we can help you find resources on most topics, some questions and services are beyond the scope and expertise of the Library. We can guide you to information sources for medical, legal, and tax questions, as well as product or service recommendations, but we cannot offer personal advice, interpretation, personal recommendations, or opinions. While we cannot complete projects for you, we will help you gain access to the knowledge and skills to succeed on your own.