20-year Open Space Restoration Plan

In 2014, the City of Puyallup, Pierce Conservation District, and Forterra formed a partnership to evaluate the condition of Puyallup's natural open spaces and develop a plan to help make Puyallup's vision of restoring and maintaining natural open spaces that support healthy ecosystems  and waterways a reality.

The Green Puyallup Partnership is building a sustainable network of healthy natural open spaces for the benefit and enjoyment of current and future generations by implementing a two-phased approach to restore and maintain 354 total acres. First, the Partnership aims to restore and maintain 100 acres of priority natural open spaces during the first 10 years of the Partnership. Second, through evaluation of work completed and information gathered during the first 10 years, the Green Puyallup Partnership will establish a course of action for restoration and maintenance of all identified natural open spaces. This ambitious task is important for the City of Puyallup and its natural open spaces, and is only possible with the help of an engaged community and volunteer leaders.

The Green Puyallup Partnership's vision is to restore and maintain natural open spaces that support healthy ecosystems and waterways through community stewardship. The envisioned program will also foster appreciation and understanding of the long-term benefits that natural open spaces provide to the City of Puyallup.