Heritage Tree Program

Puyallup is fortunate to have a long and rich history. One of the ways this history continues to live and grow is in the form of longstanding trees, some of which were planted more than a century ago by the city’s first pioneers. Today, these trees help bridge the years between our past and the present.

In order to preserve this special heritage for future generations, the city established a heritage tree program for notable trees throughout Puyallup. The program recognizes and protects trees of significant age, size or species, or which have other special characteristics such as historical significance.

Heritage Tree Candidates

A heritage tree can be located on either public or private property. Specific trees which are candidates for a heritage tree designation include the Norway Spruce at Grayland Park and the Spanish Chestnut located alongside the on-ramp to SR167 at North Meridian. People have been planting trees in Puyallup since before the city was incorporated in 1890, and dozens of trees are eligible to receive heritage status. Here is a map (PDF) which identifies some of the potential candidates for heritage trees.

Applying for a Heritage Tree Designation

For trees on private property, the heritage tree program is entirely voluntary. You may nominate a tree for heritage tree status by filling out an application (PDF). If you have questions, call City Arborist Chris Beale.

More Information

This brochure (PDF) contains more information, including answers to frequently asked questions about the heritage tree registry and program.