Comprehensive Plan

The Puyallup Comprehensive Plan is the long-term vision and plan for managing the built and natural environment in the City of Puyallup. It includes policy direction for community development, housing, economic development, environmentally sensitive areas, public services, annexation, and related issues. The City's Comprehensive Plan was developed under the provisions of the State of Washington's Growth Management Act (Chapter 365-196, WAC) and was initially adopted in September 1994. The Comprehensive Plan also addresses the revitalization of Puyallup's historic downtown.

Comprehensive Plan

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1: Foundations Element
  2. Chapter 2: Natural Environment Element
  3. Chapter 3: Land Use Element
  4. Chapter 4: Housing Element
  5. Chapter 5: Community Character Element
  6. Chapter 6: Economic Development Element
  7. Chapter 7: Transportation Element
  8. Chapter 8: Utilities Element
  9. Chapter 9: Capital Facilities Element
  10. Chapter 10: Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan Element
  11. Chapter 11: Downtown Neighborhood Plan
  12. Chapter 12: South Hill Neighborhood Plan Policies
  13. Chapter 13: River Road Corridor Plan

Comprehensive Plan: Future Land Use Map and Zoning Map

Amendment Applications

The Planning Division typically processes applications for amendments to the Comprehensive Plan once per year. However, the city-wide nature of the 2024 Periodic Update to the City's Comprehensive Plan will require additional time and resources. As a result, the Puyallup City Council has adjusted the typical schedule for accepting privately-initiated Comp Plan amendment applications for 2022-2024. 

Privately-initiated site-specific amendment requests will not be accepted in 2023 and 2024. There will be an opportunity for the public to suggest areas of study for consideration as part of the 2024 Periodic Update. The next opportunity for privately-initiated site-specific amendment requests will be the 2025 annual amendment cycle, in which applications will be due by April 1, 2025.

To be considered complete, applications for Comprehensive Plan amendments must include a completed application form and a completed environmental (SEPA) non-project checklist. The subject forms are linked under the Comp Plan Amendment Documents section of this webpage. Applications must be accompanied by a filing fee of $1080 and an additional $250 fee for environmental review. Submittals are accepted electronically through the CityView Portal, the city's new online permit portal. 

Application Requirements

Applications must comply with the provisions of PMC 18.40.070. To be considered for approval, the applicant must demonstrate in the application how the proposed amendment meets the criteria under PMC 18.40.071 and PMC 18.40.075. See the Puyallup Municipal Code for more information.

It is strongly recommended that applicants meet with Planning staff to discuss an amendment request before submitting an application.

Comp Plan amendments are first considered by the City Planning Commission, which reviews the application, conducts a public hearing, and forwards its recommendation to the City Council. The City Council is responsible for taking final action on all amendment requests, which typically occurs by the end of November of each year; however, please see the revised schedule above for 2022-2024. 


Questions or meeting requests should be directed to Senior Planner Kendall Wals at 253-841-5462.