Doing Business in Puyallup


Community Features

  • A 14-member car dealers' association that ranks near the top in the region.
  • A growing medical colony anchored by the $450 million renovation and expansion of the Good Samaritan Hospital regional medical center.
  • The fifth-largest shopping mall in the region.
  • The region's Number 1 commuter rail station in terms of daily boardings that has inspired an interest in transit-oriented development for residential and commercial growth in the downtown core.
  • The seventh-largest fair in the U.S., whose downtown fairgrounds and events center have grown into a year-round venue for conventions, conferences, trade shows and other events.
  • Third largest city in Pierce County with a population of 41,570 as of 2019.


Once a center of agriculture, Puyallup has matured into a city with a convenient shopping district and a growing employment base. The City's location is central to the four-county Puget Sound region and its connection to Highways 410 and 512 and SR-167 provide easy proximity to greater Puget Sound and its international ports. Puyallup also serves as the top boarding location for the "Sounder" commuter rail service to Tacoma, Seattle and Everett.