Business Licenses

Who needs a Puyallup business license?

All businesses, unless exempt, are required to obtain a license if they are:
  • Located within Puyallup city limits, or
  • Conducting business within Puyallup city limits

Who is exempt from city business licensing?

Some businesses may be exempt from Puyallup city licensing fees and some may be exempt from all Puyallup city licensing requirements.  Please see Puyallup Municipal Code 5.04 for exemptions.

Am I located within City Limits?

Before applying for a City of Puyallup business license, please verify that your business is located within Puyallup city limits.

You can verify if your business is within City limits by viewing the map (PDF) to the right, or by using our interactive map and entering your address.  If you are still uncertain, please call the City at (253) 841-5474.

City Limit Map


  • The City of Puyallup has partnered with the State of Washington Business Licensing Service for the issuance of Puyallup general business licenses.
  • Penalties of $250 may be assessed for any business operating without a required license.
  • Licenses not renewed within 120 days after expiring are automatically terminated.  In these instances, a new application would be required to continue business in Puyallup.
Please use the links below to learn more about the application process for your business type.

General Business Licenses

   Home based businesses or other general businesses that don't fall into a Special Business category
Small Business

Special Business Licenses

Temporary Stand, Special Event/Street Closure, Solicitor, Mobile Vendor, Fair Parking Lot, Cabaret, or Bill Poster
Farmers Market Flowers