City Permits

Land Use Permits

If you have any permit-related needs for your business, the City is here to assist you. We handle all kinds of construction permits, from small remodels to large new buildings, and our full-service staff can efficiently guide you through the process. If you are considering a more complex development proposal, we offer free, timely pre-application meetings in which you can sit down with the full City permit review team to discuss your tentative plans and receive upfront feedback on likely processes and issues.

Types of Permits Involved

  • Building Permits - The Building Division handles all aspects of structural construction, applying the Building Code and other applicable standards (e.g. Mechanical Code, Plumbing Code, etc.).
  • Fire Permits - The City’s Fire Prevention function is a part of the Building Division, and applies the Fire Code to fire sprinkler and alarm situations with new construction.
  • Engineering Permits - The Engineering Division deals with initial site grading, utility connections, transportation/access and design of parking areas, stormwater facilities and other external features.
  • Planning Permits - The Planning Division processes initial land use permits (e.g. subdivisions, site plans, conditional use permits), as well as handling permit issues such as zoning conformance, signage, landscaping, design review, etc.