City Communications


At the City of Puyallup, we are committed to enhancing government transparency and improving communication with our residents and businesses. The City Communications team is responsible for development of a strategic Communications Plan, as well as daily management of current communications tools. Some of these tools include social media, news releases, newsletters, and the City website.

To stay current on City happenings, please visit our Press Release page, where new information is posted on a frequent basis. 

Puyallup Connection - City E-Newsletter

The City is pleased to announce the launch of our first-ever community e-newsletter. Called the Puyallup Connection, this electronic newsletter will be the official source of information about the City.

Sign up for our monthly e-newsletter. After signing up, you will begin seeing the newsletter delivered to your inbox every month. 

Electronic copies of the Puyallup Connection will be archived on this page. 

  1. Eric Johnson-Headshot

    Eric Johnson

    Public Affairs Officer

  2. Erica Unruh

    Community Relations Coordinator

  1. Puyallup Launches New Emergency Alert System

    The City of Puyallup is excited to announce the launch of its new emergency alert system. Called “Puyallup Alerts,” this new system will help the City communicate with the public during emergency events. Read on...
  2. Puyallup Receives "Bee City" Designation

    Puyallup has become the second city in the state of Washington to receive an official "Bee City" designation from Bee City USA. Read on...
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