Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

The Puyallup Public Library endeavors to have clearly understandable policies, guidelines and best practices to ensure fair access to a wide range of materials and services.

Policies are periodically reviewed and updated to reflect the current best practices for public libraries.  Our advisory board reviews any policy updates and changes before they are adopted.

Also listed on this page and through links are procedures and guidelines the library adheres to.  The policies state broad objectives, such as "The library will provide internet access." or "The library will issue borrower cards."  The guidelines enhance the policies by outlining the parameters under which these policies operate.  For example, "Borrower cards expire every four years." or "Internet access is restricted to a maximum of four hours per day."

Finally, we reference external organizations that further define our mission and operating procedures, such as the American Library Association's Code of Ethics or the Washington Library Association's Intellectual Freedom Statement.

For questions and concerns regarding our policies and guidelines, please contact us or attend one of the open public meetings of our advisory board.


Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources (Updated 9/2023)

Access to Electronic Information

Animals in the Library

Authorization of Fines and Fees

Borrower Eligibility

Bulletin Board and Distribution of Free Materials (Updated 9/2023)

Code of Conduct

Collection Development Philosophy (Updated 4/2023)

Collection Development Selection Criteria (Updated 4/2023)

Confidentiality of Library Records 

Free Access to Libraries for Minors

Meeting and Study Room Use (Updated 9/2023)

Public Internet Use (Updated 8/2023)

Request for Reconsideration

Solicitation (Updated 9/2023)

Unattended Child (Updated 3/2023)

Use of Children's and Young Adult Areas

Vulnerable Patrons (Updated 2/2023)

Web and Social Networking

Wireless Internet Access and Printing (Updated 8/2023)


Display, Exhibits and Distribution of Free Materials

Donations (Updated 7-2023)

Obtaining a Library Card


ALA Code of Ethics (Updated 2021)

ALA Freedom to Read

ALA Library Bill of Rights

Washington Library Association Intellectual Freedom Statement

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