Street Sweeping

The street sweeping program helps keep Puyallup clean as well as preventing debris from entering catch basins and the stormwater system.

The program provides sweeping on a four-week rotation.  Additional sweeping occurs on an as needed basis, such as emergencies, special events, fall leaf season and following significant weather events.

The street sweeper map and schedule are provided below as guidance.  Please note that the schedule may be impacted by emergency responses, priority calls, holidays and staffing levels.

Street Sweeping Map

2024 Sweeper Schedule


Things you can do to help the sweeper to successfully clean in front of your home or business.

  • Move vehicles, basketball hoops and other items from the roadway on your scheduled sweeping day so the sweeper has full access for cleaning.
  • Keep tree branches and shrubs trimmed out of the roadway so they don't impede the sweeper.
  • Placing litter, leaves and other debris into the roadway hinders sweeper performance and is illegal. Please utilize alternate methods of disposing such items.