Block Watch

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Criminals don't like to be watched, and when they get the feeling that they are being watched, they go elsewhere. This fact is what gives Neighborhood Watch its power.

While eliminating crime completely is the ideal solution, the next best thing is to move it out of your neighborhood! With limited resources, police departments can only do so much to keep our neighborhoods crime-free. By organizing into Neighborhood Watch groups, citizens can provide hundreds or thousands of additional "eyes and ears" to help the police deter criminal activity on their streets, and leave criminals with the distinct impression that they are not welcome in our city! 

  1. Neighborhood Block Watch
  2. Apartment Block Watch

Neighborhood Block Watch


Neighborhood Block Watch encourages neighbors to look after one another, to report suspicious activity, and people to police and share this information with their neighbors. It is the most successful and least expensive tool to reduce crime in neighborhoods as well as create a safe, pleasant, and livable community that we all want for ourselves and our families.

This proven crime-reducing program began more than 25 years ago in a major city where police tracked the crime in these Neighborhood Block Watch areas and were able to see a 40% reduction in crime! 

Get involved and help your neighborhood get organized. Contact our Community Engagement Coordinator, Ashley Frelin at