How do I get trees from the workshop site to my home?
You are responsible for moving your trees from the pickup site to your home. Most trees are 4-6 feet high and in 10-15 gallon containers. The evergreen conifers tend to be a bit smaller and usually are between 2-4 feet tall (3-5 gallon) at pickup. We will have staff on hand to help you load the trees in your vehicle, but you may need to rent or borrow a pickup truck if you have a small vehicle or are picking up numerous trees. Remember to clean out your vehicle before arriving at the workshop and that having more passengers in the car means less space for trees! You may want to consider bringing a tarp or plastic to put down under the trees to protect the interior of the car.

If you are unable to find transportation for your trees, please let us know. On a case-by-case basis, we can help deliver trees to residents who are unable to find transportation. Contact us at or call 253-841-5418.

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2. How do I get trees from the workshop site to my home?
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