How do I quash my Puyallup Municipal Court warrant?

Posting the bail or bond (from a licensed bond agent who appears at the Clerk's Office for you) in the amount listed on your warrant is the most immediate way to have the warrant recalled from the system. This will clear any pending suspension action by Department of Licensing (if this is a criminal traffic case). Once the cash bail or bond is posted, it is held in trust until your next court date or until the judge orders it be released. Bail or bond may be posted at the Clerk's front counter (929 E Main, Puyallup) during regular office hours which are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to noon and 1 to 4:30 p.m.

In most cases if you are unable to post the total bail or obtain a bond and a public defender has been appointed to your case please contact your attorney. If you are not represented by counsel you may report to the clerk’s office and upon verification of your address and authorization of the judge, the clerk will assign you a warrant quash date. It is important to remember with this option the warrant remains in the system until the day you appear before the judge. Be aware of the possibility the warrant could be served upon you in the interim while awaiting your quash date. The last option is to surrender yourself to the Puyallup Jail located at 311 W Pioneer in downtown Puyallup. You will be seen in custody on the next judicial day.

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