How much will Puyallup receive?
The maximum amount any one jurisdiction can receive is up to $1 million per year for 25 years. A State process determines which jurisdictions receive LIFT funds, and the maximum amount for each entity. The amount received in each year is tied to the amount of new State tax revenue generated by new private investments in the RDA.

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1. What is LIFT?
2. Why is Puyallup applying for a LIFT grant?
3. Does LIFT increase my property or sales tax rate?
4. How much will Puyallup receive?
5. How can Puyallup be sure the projects will generate new funds?
6. How can LIFT funds be used?
7. Will LIFT pay for the entire cost of a project?
8. What is a Revenue Development Area (RDA) and why was it formed?
9. How were the boundaries determined?
10. When does the RDA funding program end?