Why will this project cost so much, and take so long?

This project underwent a competitive bidding process as required by state law. It may seem a small project due to the length of road that will be involved, but here is the bid tab which lists the hundreds of components that will be done. The contract for this project was awarded to the low bidder.

We estimate it will take six to eight months from beginning to completion. Like everyone else, we also would like to see it finished sooner rather than later, so long as everything is done right--that is, and must be, our #1 priority.

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1. How will those on the east side of Shaw Road access our homes?
2. How does the City plan to address cut-through traffic in the neighborhoods?
3. When will my fence be removed and replaced?
4. How will customers of Creative Dry Storage access our stored items?
5. Why will this project cost so much, and take so long?
6. Can the timing of the signal at Military Road and SR162 be adjusted to accommodate increased volume while Shaw Road is closed?
7. Can the City install a temporary signal at 23rd/7th during this project?
8. Will Shaw Road have a middle turn lane between 23rd and Manorwood?
9. Is there enough roadway for two through lanes and the new center lane?
10. Why is the new Shaw Road “bumpy”?
11. Why was permeable pavement used to reconstruct Shaw Road?
12. Why are some of the new crossing signals not operational?
13. Is the new road more slippery or slick when wet?